A link to intra- or internet contents are added to the SOCureLink database via the comprehensive user interface.

Meta data are added to the link (owner, user, backlink, requirements for cyclic verification etc.).

When SOCureLink finds a Link that is broken, or a link where contents has changes it notifies the owner of the link and the users as defined for the link. This can be done e.g. via mail or SMS.

When SOCureLink informs about a broken link, it is up to the link owners and link users to take into consideration what is to be done about the broken link.

Usage example (how to create a monitored link)

  1. Find link (e.g. In Explorer)
  2. Create SOCureLink via an Explorer button
  3. Define link owner
  4. Set-up link verification cycle
  5. Set back-link (if not automatically known to the system)
  6. Press "Use SOCureLink" (copies the link contents to a local database)
NB - This is an example
SOCureLink can also run as:
      a WEB interface
      a macro in Word or Excel
      a WEB service called from a program
      a Windows ClickOnce application

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