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Some may ask: Where can we use such a nice system.
Our user cases may answer that question.
A medical supply company having references from SOPs to other documents. If the referred documents are altered or moved it is a regulatory problem. It may also confuse users if the linked contents are no longer available.

A medical company producing documentation for electronic submission. Vast amounts of the documentation are made up by links and the relations between documents. If the contents of one link disappear, it may affect the many documents.

A company producing toxins for the agricultural industry. They link to the regulations they fulfill, but when regulations are altered the linked contents disappear, and it is no longer possible to document the rules that was fulfilled.

A ministry provides information to the citizens via their home page. Much of the contents are build over links, and they have several steady employees for browsing their home page for link verification.

A company producing food additives do not have supplier documentation stored locally but rely on collecting on-line documentation from the supplier when required (e.g. during authority inspection).